How To Play Online Fantasy Sports Games?

Online fantasy sports games can today offer a very realistic and holistic game play experience. A fantasy sport can be said to be a kind of online game where one can create and assemble a virtual or imaginary team that would comprise the real players of any sport. For instance, you can create a team comprising of real and professional cricket, football or baseball players online. Once you join the online league, the competition begins and the results are based on the real performance of the professional players in real matches. The outcomes or the results can be very fruitful for some, as the winning teams can gain real cash and win other prizes as well, depending on the performance of the players in their real games.
You can now play the online daily fantasy sports in India as well, and many websites and online web portals today offer you a sensational and exciting experience of fantasy game play in a hassle free manner.

Joining the game

You can join a league for any fantasy sport (including cricket) online anytime you wish. Once you join the game, you have to choose from a number of professional players that actually play on the field and are part of international or national sports teams. The performance of the players in their real sports games is scrutinised and they are awarded the points.


Apart from the daily fantasy sports itself, one can also indulge in betting in any of the fantasy sports websites. If you can speculate and decide which player is going to perform the best or can know and deduce beforehand which team is going to win the match, there are lots of betting options available for you to explore. If you bet on a high-performing and winning player and team respectively, there are loads of real cash waiting for you.

Making the payments

Whether you choose to make a fantasy sports team or want to indulge in direct betting, there are certain payments that you will have to make for joining the game, for creating your team, and/or for choosing your player/team towards betting. Fortunately, the online fantasy sports websites have multiple payment modes available, and you can choose to make payment through your credit/debit card, through net banking or through other payment modes. The online payment gateways are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology secure, and hence you do not need to bother about the security of payments and your bank accounts.

Dispersal of points

If you choose to join cricket fantasy sports league, for instance, the points that your virtual team members/players will get will be towards the runs scored, wickets taken, catches held, stumping, boundary and sixes hit, centuries and half centuries and other performance related parameters. If you choose your players wisely (past performances, current form, ratings and venues are an indication), your team can gather the most points.


The winner is declared on the basis of maximum points. When your team wins you win real cash, and the monetary sum is transferred directly to your bank account by the fantasy sports website.
Fantasy game play requires wisdom, perseverance and efforts. The more you research towards the performance of the players, the better your chances of winning get to be. The online fantasy sport is far from being “lottery” play as your wisdom and decisions can help you gain huge amounts of money here.

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